H1-B1 Visas for US Immigrants from Chile & Singapore

The H1-B1 visa is a non-immigrant work visa open to people from Chile and Singapore working in approved specialty occupations.  

Specific Free Trade agreements signed in 2003 created this visa category between the United States and these countries. 

These visas are not petition-based, but they are temporary and valid only briefly. You must prove that you will return to your home country when you apply for one. 

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What is an H1-B1 visa?

First of all, it is NOT the same as an H1-B visa.  H1-B visas are different.

H1-B1 visas are limited to 1,400 people from Chile and 5,400 people from Singapore annually. These visas allow the recipients to work for up to one year in the United States. These visas are chosen via a lottery system. 

You may extend an H1-B1 visa, but only twice.  It is also a multiple-entry visa, which means you may return to your home country periodically as your work schedule allows. 

What are the specialty occupations for H1-B1 visas?

Specialty occupations include:

  • Mathematicians
  • Computer scientists
  • Engineers
  • Physical scientists
  • Healthcare workers
  • Business
  • Biotechnology

Chilean Agricultural Managers and Physical Therapists may also apply. Singaporean Disaster Relief Claims managers may apply, as may Management Consultants with another degree besides their specialization with relevant experience.

Neither Chileans nor Singaporeans may be self-employed or independent contractors under this program.

If you don’t meet these requirements or if the program is full for the year, you may still apply under the normal H1-B1 visa program. Also, if you want long-term employment, you may ask your employer to submit a petition on your behalf so that you may acquire permanent residency in the United States instead. 

Applying for an H1-B1 Visa

To apply for an H1-B1 visa, you must have a job waiting for you in the US. To offer a Chilean or Singaporean national a job under this program, you must obtain a Labor Condition Application (LCA) certification.

You must apply directly at the US Consulate in your home country. You will need a copy of your employer’s LCA, as well as a copy of your employment offer letter, supporting documents showing you have the appropriate professional qualifications, and identification documents.  The requirements vary if you are already in the US under a different status and want to get H1-B1 visa-holder status. 

If you are a Boston employer and you want to bring an H1-B1 worker to the US, it’s a good idea to work closely with an immigration attorney. 

H1-B1 visas typically require more from the employer than they do from the employee, and working with me helps ensure you won’t waste time or money trying to bring over an employee who will not be admitted into the United States or permitted to begin working for you.

If you’re in the Boston area and want to get a TN Visa or help an employee get one, contact my office today for help.