Adjustment of Immigration Status

Some temporary immigration categories allow you to “upgrade” to a permanent residency status through the adjustment of status process.

Adjustment of status is a process that can present many roadblocks and pitfalls. Still, when it’s complete you will have your green card, which will allow you to do everything a US Citizen can do except for vote and run for office.

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Who qualifies for adjustment of status?

You must meet the criteria for the green card program you are pursuing. After that, you must:

  • Be physically and legally present in the United States.
  • Have an approved petition, such as an I-130 or I-485.
  • Have never fallen out of legal status while present in the United States.

Which visas may be adjusted?

What is the 90-day rule?

It is important to show USCIS that you did not misrepresent your intentions when you first came to the United States. Some visas are not eligible for “dual intent,” and some are, but either way you can run into problems if immigration officials have reason to believe you committed misrepresentation.

If you try to adjust status within 90 days of your arrival then the government may determine you intended to attempt to adjust your status all along. They may deny your application and revoke your current visa.

Can you work during adjustment of status?

You can if your current visa grants you employment authorization.

How long does it take to adjust your immigration status?

It can take 8 to 14 months to adjust your status. If you are working under a deadline be sure to file early.

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The adjustment of status process can be extremely complex. There are issues that could lead to the denial or delay of your application, programs you might not know about, and waivers you may be eligible for.

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