Journalist or Writer? Interview Boston Immigration Attorney Giselle M. Rodriguez for Legal Analysis or Commentary on Immigration Law

Would your news coverage, article, blog post, or program be better with legal commentary from a practicing immigration attorney in Boston? 

If so, I can help.  Whether you want a quick take on a recent event or in-depth discussion on an immigration-related topic, I can add some legal color commentary to your coverage or other piece of journalism. I can be brief or detailed.

Attorneys aren’t exactly in short supply, so it’s possible you already have a source of soundbites and quotes.  But it’s also possible that you’re looking for a very specific “angle.”  As an American, a Bostonian, the daughter of immigrants, a Latina, one who spent significant time in Puerto Rico, a business owner, and an immigration attorney who opened a practice in this decade (the ‘20s), I may have a different perch from other attorneys’.  That may be irrelevant to most stories, or it may be just what you’re looking for.

Any medium works for me.  Whether it’s a phone or Zoom call, an email, or an in-person interview here in Boston, I can provide commentary or analysis, and can do so on reasonably short notice.

In case you are looking for examples: I was interviewed and quoted by The Boston Globe for this article on the Martha’s Vineyard migrant flights. Also, here’s a longer-form example of how I appear on paper, here’s a podcast interview I did, and you can check out my YouTube channel if you’d like to hear my voice in a solo setting.

You can contact me, Boston immigration attorney Giselle M. Rodriguez, and I would be glad to contribute to your coverage or piece.  You can email me at or call 617-410-3762.

NOTE: contributing to your coverage or story does not constitute legal advice, and our discussion does not establish an attorney-client relationship.