Immigration Legal Counsel for Labor Unions & Union Members

Most immigrants to the US need employment, many companies employ immigrants, and some of those employees are unionized.  But too few unions provide immigrant members the legal protection they need to work or live here.

Your union needs legal representation that’s as strong as your labor representation, and you need an attorney who’s as hardworking as your members.  I, Boston immigration attorney Giselle M. Rodriguez, can help your union and your members hold onto your rights and the American dream.

In addition to working individually with immigrants in all sorts of situations and from many different countries, I also work with a couple of labor unions.  That involves everything from reviewing internal policies and companies’ hiring practices, to helping individual members complete visa applications or prepare for a USCIS interview.  Much of my legal work with unions revolves around visas, but other kinds of immigration-related challenges can and do pop up.

Because I work with such a variety of immigrant clients and their families, I keep my ear to the ground and understand what’s most challenging for immigrants to the US right now.  I am also familiar with the finer points of working with a union and supporting its “all for one and one for all” ethos.

Whether your union needs an attorney for a specific problem now, or you need a new attorney ASAP, or you just want an immigration attorney on-tap for inevitable problems, I can probably help you with those challenges.  Or if you are a union member and for whatever reason need an immigration lawyer on an individual basis, I may be able to help.  

Of course, immigrants work at all levels of the US economy – from entry-level jobs to the corner office.  Many founders are immigrants.  The success stories are many and exciting, but the horror stories tend to be known only to the unfortunate workers and their coworkers and families.  Your union and your members have many other obstacles to deal with, now and in the future.  I can help you make sure that the US immigration system is far less likely to be one of those challenges.  You can contact my office in Boston today to set up a consultation.