Immigrating to Massachusetts from Germany

If you’re a German national looking for opportunities, Boston is a great place to start. There is a thriving community of German expats here in Boston.

There is still a large German presence in Roslindale, though you’ll of course find Germans and people of German descent living all over the city and state.

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Pursuing an Education

There are plenty of colleges and universities to choose from in Boston, of course, including schools like Harvard, and MIT. There are also a wide variety of academic organizations for German teachers and professors.

Those who want to ensure their children remain in touch ith the culture could send their students to the German International School of Boston, a bilingual independent school serving students age 3 through 12. Students become fully proficient in both German and English after completing the program and receive an advanced math and science education. They not only receive an American High School Diploma but a German International Abitur as well, offering dozens of future opportunities both at home and abroad.

Finding Employment

Boston offers a thriving business environment and several companies that seek German-speaking employees, many in the tech fields. Healthcare, finance, and academic positions are on offer as well.

Unemployment is low and there are numerous companies willing to sponsor talented professionals. If you have the right skills a German immigrant may well find it relatively easy to come pursue opportunities here in the United States.

Starting a Business

There are numerous German-owned companies here in Boston. There are also multiple visas you can use if you want to start a business or invest in a business here in the United States.

The E2 Visa, the EB-5 visa, the L1 visa, the EB1C visa, and the O-1 visa may all be worthwhile options.

The Consulate

The German Consulate in Boston is at Three Copley Pl #500 in Boston. The phone number is (617) 369-4900. Reviews suggest that it is a well-run organization! It can help with visas, passports, ID cards, notarizations and certifications, as well as inheritance matters and collecting German Social Security.


InterNations Boston is a social group for German expats. They run social events and activities, making it easy to make friends and forge business connections.

The German American Business Council of Boston is a non-profit networking group for business professionals.

German Scholars at Stammtish is a monthly social get together for German scholars at the Harvard Brew Pub.

The Boylston Schul-Verein is the oldest German American club in New England. They host Sommerfest and Oktoberfest.

German Saturday School offers instruction in German language and culture for K-12 students every Saturday morning.

Processing Times in Boston

Wait times range from 7 to 24 months at our local USCIS office.

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