Immigration Case Results: Some of My Clients’ Success Stories

You have many ways to compare immigration attorneys and to decide who seems best for you. You can read their reviews, read the information on their websites, or you can book a consultation with them. You can also read about specific clients of theirs. That shows you not only what the legal process looks like, but also how your attorney thinks, guides clients, handles the unexpected, and gets results.

Below are a few of my clients’ case results. You can click on any one to read more about the specific case. DISCLAIMER: case results are not meant as legal advice or a guarantee as to any specific outcome.

Case Result Example #1: Removing Conditions Of Permanent Residence (Client from Dominican Republic)

Case Result Example #2: Passing The N-400 Application For Naturalization USCIS Interview (Client from El Salvador)

Case Result Example #3: Getting Marriage-Based Immigration Visa (Client from Germany)

Case Result Example #4: Winning A Request For Evidence In A Fiancé Visa Approval (Client From Haiti)

Case Result Example #5: Parole From ICE Followed By Employment Authorization (Client From Venezuela)  

Case Result Example #6: Successful N-400 Application For Naturalization (Client From Guatemala)

Case Result Example #7: Consular Report Of Birth Abroad For Child Of US Citizen (Client From Dominican Republic)