Immigrating to Boston MA from Lebanon

If you’re an immigrant from Lebanon, you might find fellow Lebanese immigrants people in West Roxbury and Roslindale neighborhoods here in Boston, or elsewhere throughout the area.  No matter which neighborhood you’re interested in living in, working in, or visiting, you’ll know you came to the right place.  

Many Lebanese came here to escape turmoil back in Lebanon decades ago, but many continue to immigrate to Boston for all the great career and educational opportunities.

Pursuing an Education

There is a long tradition of Arab-American attendance in the Ivy League universities here in Boston, dating back to about 1885, when Lebanese immigrants first began arriving here.

Of course, there are dozens of colleges, universities, and trade schools here, some of which – like Boston University – have clubs and organizations that promote Lebanese culture and allow students to find service opportunities while forming a community with one another.

If you wish to study here, I can help you apply for the right visa for your needs.

Career Opportunities

Many Lebanese immigrants to the Boston area have distinguished themselves in medicine (at the many elite hospitals in town), biotech, tech startups, or by starting their own businesses or working in a family member’s business.  In some cases their initial task is to seek a green card or other visa, but often they become US citizens sooner or later.

The Lebanese Consulate

The Consulate of Lebanon in the United States is located at 366 N. Main Street in Andover, MA. The phone number is (978) 289 4142. Office hours are by appointment.

They offer passport services, visa services, the legalization of documents, and shipping of travel documents.

Processing Times

You’ll need to leave plenty of lead time if you want to apply for a visa. Processing times range from 7 to 24 months for any visa type. If you know you’ll need the visa in time to start school or work it is a good idea to work closely with my office ahead-of-time to ensure the entire process goes smoothly.

Not sure what type of visa or status you should pursue? I can help. Contact me and we will discuss your situation and goals and I will help you select the program that’s most likely to work for your unique situation.