Why Work with Boston Immigration Attorney Giselle M. Rodriguez?

1. I focus on immigration law.  If you need counsel on a divorce or auto accident, I can’t help much.  But you can come to me with any immigration challenge.

2. My clients would tell you I am nice and easygoing.  (I do try to be “mean” in the courtroom, though.)

3. I’m in this line of work because I’ve always wanted to be here.  I didn’t get into immigration law because I wanted to be a lawyer; I became a lawyer because I wanted to work in immigration law.  It’s good to have a career that pays well, but that is not why I practice law.  Though I was born in Boston and have spent some of my years here, I spent much of my childhood in Puerto Rico.  My father was an immigrant from Cuba.  I simply relate to people who chose to come to this great country to create a better life.

4. No case is too big or too small or too difficult.  Whether you are trying to bring your entire family to the US or you just need someone to make sure you’ve completed your application paperwork correctly, I am here to be useful.

5. I’ve still got spark.  Many attorneys get burned out and impersonal, either because they work in a firm with bad culture, or they take on more cases than they can handle, or because they don’t feel a connection to their clients or branch of law.  I’m old enough to know what you need, but young enough to be excited to do it.

6. We can speak Spanish together (helpful if that is your primary language).

7. Our meetings will be convenient for you: either in-person here in Boston or over Zoom or the phone.

8. I am responsive and easy to reach.  I do not keep banker’s hours.  That means sometimes my hours are a little crazy, but sometimes that is what it takes to succeed in a difficult process like coming to the US legally.

9. My fees include the translation of relevant documents.

10. My fees are reasonable.  I would rather charge a little less than the maximum and have you feel great about the experience, so you recommend me to any family or friends who may need an immigration attorney.

11. You know you’ll work with me, Giselle, rather than get handed off to another attorney or a paralegal.  I have assistants here in the office, but I am the only attorney.  So there is a 100% chance you will work with your favorite immigration attorney.

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