Immigrating to Massachusetts from Ireland

Irish immigrants have been a vital part of Boston since about 1830, and even more so following the Famine, and Irish-Americans have been the largest ethnic group in Boston and throughout Massachusetts ever since.  Over the years, Irish immigrants and their descendants have settled in every neighborhood in Boston.  These days, they are most represented in Charlestown, West Roxbury, and Roslindale.  Of course, over 33 million Americans can already trace their roots to Ireland, and 23% of the people in Boston can, so just about any of Boston’s neighborhoods can make you feel right at home, as can the smaller cities and towns throughout Eastern MA.

If you need help immigrating to MA from Ireland, contact Boston immigration attorney Giselle M. Rodriguez.  Giselle helps clients with the full range of immigration challenges, from visas to citizenship. She is bilingual (English & Spanish), and works with clients throughout Greater Boston and Massachusetts. Contact Giselle today to discuss your case, or read on to find out more about protecting your immigration status in the United States.

Pursuing an Education

There are over 30 top colleges and universities in Boston or nearby. Some, such as Boston University, specifically offer programs for international students.

If you apply to universities schools here in Greater Boston I can help you secure your student visa, and will walk you through the requirements you’ll have to meet in order to keep it. 

Finding Employment

The original Irish immigrants came to Boston looking for work, and the situation isn’t that much different for many of today’s immigrants, many of whom need a work visa along the way.

Opportunities abound in STEM and healthcare fields, and are especially open to highly skilled Irish professionals in a variety of industries currently facing worker shortages. Eight Irish tech companies have offices here in Boston, too.

Starting a Business

Immigrants from Eire have started companies in every sector, ranging from construction and the trades, to law, to tech startups, to (of course) pubs and restaurants.

The Boston Business Association offers many resources to Irish business owners. Meanwhile, I can help you secure a business owners or entrepreneur’s visa that will open up your options for launching your company here in Massachusetts.

The Irish Consulate in Boston

The Consulate General of Ireland is located at 535 Boylston Street #502, Boston, MA 02116. The phone number is (617) 267-9330.

Services include passport renewal, visa assistance, citizenship services, document authentication, assistance, and advice.

Processing Times at the Irish Consulate in Boston

USCIS doesn’t move very fast anywhere, and the Irish Consulate Boston is no exception. Plan on your visa application taking 7 to 21 months.

I can help you speed up your application by making sure it’s done right the first time. Any visa application is more complex than it appears at first glance. I can help you overcome potential issues with your application, put together an evidence packet that will impress immigration officials, and smooth your path to meeting your goals here in the United States.

Additional Resources

The Rian Immigrant Center is Boston’s Welcome Center for immigrants and refugees. It has been endorsed by the Global Irish Government of Ireland Emigrant Support Program for its intercultural, advocacy, and community programs. It also offers 12-month internships under the J-1 visa and assists with networking, interviewing, and resume-building for US companies, geared toward students who graduated from Irish universities.

The Irish Immigration Center offers assistance with employment, housing, health care, and more.