Help with Immigration Forms

Sometimes, some immigration forms seem like a cruel practical joke.  If the US government doesn’t want people to immigrate, why not just turn them away rather than ask them to fill out forms?  But if the government powers do want legal immigration, why do they make the forms so confusing?

Even on a good day, it may seem the forms were always meant for lawyers, not for people who just want to come to America to work and live.  Typically, though, you don’t fill out the forms on a “good day”: English is not your first language (and legalese definitely is not), you’re in a hurry, and you second-guess everything because you’re afraid of what happens if you get the forms wrong.  You may also be in a situation that the form doesn’t seem to take into account, and so you’re unsure which box to check or what answer to write.  You want to fill out the form once, fill it out right, and never have to worry about it ever again.

I can help.  As a Boston immigration attorney who helps clients with the full range of immigration challenges, I can help you fill out your immigration paperwork correctly and in a way that gives you the best chances at the legal outcome you want.  In the meantime, you’ll feel peace of mind in knowing that you’ve done everything in your power, and everything you’re expected to do.

Here are just a few of the common immigration forms I can help with:

If you’ve already filled out certain forms incorrectly, or you worked with an attorney who filled them out incorrectly, I can help you correct paperwork errors on your immigration forms.

Contact the Law Offices of Giselle M. Rodriguez in Boston to get your immigration forms fixed or completed correctly the first time.