Immigrating to Massachusetts From Haiti

Haitians have been part of the Boston community since the 1950s and 1960s, and increasingly so in recent years. In 2021 alone over 100 Haitian families arrived in the Boston area. There are over 14,000 Haitians here, many of whom settled in Dorchester, Roxbury, and Hyde Park.  Many Haitians come to Boston not only for the opportunities, but also to be reunited with family.

If you need help immigrating to MA from Haiti, contact Boston immigration attorney Giselle M. Rodriguez.  Giselle helps clients with the full range of immigration challenges, from visas to citizenship. She is bilingual (English & Spanish), and works with clients throughout Greater Boston and Massachusetts. Contact Giselle today to discuss your case, read this case result of one of my Haitian clients, or read on to find out more about protecting your immigration status in the United States.

Pursuing an Education

Many Haitians who came to the United States did so seeking educational opportunities.

You’ll certainly find them here in Boston. 30+ top universities and colleges call Boston home.  I can help you get a student visa once you have been accepted to any one of them.

Finding Employment

There are many incredible employment opportunities for Haitians in Boston. Many Haitians work in high-paying professions. Opportunities in academia, law enforcement, health, business, banking, and law have all been wide open for Haitian migrants.

So far, two state representatives of Haitian descent have been elected. If you become a citizen of the United States, you might find opportunities in civil service are in your future, too.

Starting a Business

There are 108 Haitian-owned businesses in the greater Boston area. Most are retail stores or restaurants, but the field is open to entrepreneurs of any stripe.

There are even visas specifically tailored to those who wish to come here and contribute to Boston’s thriving economy. Ask me if a business owner or entrepreneurship visa might be right for you!

Additional Resources for Haitian Immigrants in Boston / MA

The General Consulate of Haiti in Boston is located at 333 Washington Street, Suite 851, Boston, MA 02108 and can be reached by phone at (617) 266-3660.

The Haitian Consulate can help with issuing passports, authenticating both US and Haitian documents, and more. 

Processing Times at the Haitian Consulate in Boston

USCIS takes 7 to 21 months to process any visa at its Boston office. Start early if you plan to immigrate.

I can help you smooth the process and speed it up by ensuring that your application is in great shape before it gets there. We’ll work to eliminate issues, provide proper evidence, and make your best case for being allowed to join our thriving Boston community.

Additional Resources

The Association of Haitian Women in Boston is dedicated to empowering low-income Haitian women and their children. Programs include housing help and housing advocacy programs, employment skills training, youth development, and domestic violence prevention programs.

Haitian-Americans United is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Haitian immigrants in the United States. Their focus is education, community empowerment, and cultural development.

Haitian-American Public Health Initiatives and the Haitian Health Institute both focus on helping Haitians improve their health and wellbeing. The Haitian Mental Health Network offers access to psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and social workers.

The Haitian Multi-Service Center offers day care services, education services, and health services to over 5,000 families per year.