Immigrating to Boston from Honduras

There is a solid and growing Honduran population here in Boston. Many Hondurans in the area are the beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status, partly because the United States government recognizes that many people cannot safely return to Honduras because of the violence there.

Many Hondurans have settled into communities that include Roxbury, Dorchester, East Boston, Mattapan, and Chelsea. If you choose to make Boston your home here in the United States you’ll find all the opportunities you expect

Pursuing an Education

There are many opportunities to pursue an education here in Boston. There are more than 30 colleges and universities to choose from, as well as a wealth of trade schools.

If you are hoping to study here in the United States I can help you apply for the proper visa. I can also help ensure that you’ll be well-positioned to seek employment later, if that is your desire.

Finding Employment

Quite a few of the employers here in Massachusetts are happy to sponsor promising immigrants for green cards, especially if they have the proper professional training. There are also a wide variety of Honduran-owned businesses.

Boston is home to major Fortune 500 employers, a thriving medical and educational sector, a major port, and more. There is room to take advantage of almost any opportunity you can think of.

Starting a Business

If you want to join the distinguished ranks of Hondurans who have started companies here in Boston, I can help.  An O-1 entrepreneur visa will allow you to remain in the United States as long as you are operating a business. An EB-1 visa may be available if you can demonstrate extraordinary abilities in business.

The Honduran Consulate

El Consulado de Honduras en Boston is located at 90 Everett Avenue, 3rd Floor, Chelsea, MA 02150. The phone number is (617) 819-4885. You can email them at

The consulate can assist you if you need to replace lost or stolen documents from your home country.

Additional Resources

The Refugee & Immigrant Assistance Center (RIAC) offers services like housing assistance, school enrollment assistance, cultural orientations, English classes, and more.

Processing Times in Boston

You can expect long wait times in Boston, as anywhere. Most immigration applications take seven to 24 months. In addition, some of my Honduran clients have needed to move quickly for other reasons, like that they want to seek asylum in the United States. The asylum application must be made within the first year of arrival.

Temporary protected status cannot be expected to last forever, and does not offer a path to a green card or citizenship. If you’re hoping to stay in Boston for good, you’ll need additional help.

Reach out to me, Boston immigration lawyer Giselle M. Rodriguez, to get the help you need to get the right visa for your circumstances and goals. We’ll work together to make sure your immigration application goes as smoothly as possible.