Immigrating to Boston from Italy

Many Italian immigrants over the last century and a half have made homes in Boston’s North End (our Little Italy), in East Boston, and in Hyde Park.  Many of them labored to build Boston’s tunnels and towers, and created some of most beautiful and recognizable neighborhoods, landmarks (e.g. North Square), and streets (e.g. Salem Street).  Italian-Americans in Boston also gave us the longest-serving Mayor (Mayor Menino), some of the best food anywhere, and a much-larger swath of Eastern Massachusetts that is heavily and proudly Italian.  If you or a loved one chooses to move here from Italy, you will have plenty of company.

Pursuing an Education

Boston sees many Italian exchange students who come in to visit and study here for a single year. We also see plenty of Italian students who choose to study at one of Boston’s 30+ colleges and universities, including our Ivy League schools and medical schools.

Contact me if you would like help obtaining the J-visa or the M-visa, which can help you pursue your educational goals.

Career Opportunities

As you might expect, Boston is home to Italian professionals from every background.

You’ll find a thriving economy open to skilled professionals, many of whom are willing to offer employment-based green card sponsorship.

Here in Boston, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies, including Liberty Mutual, GE, and Amazon. You’ll find opportunities in medicine, technology, and a wide variety of other fields.

Starting a Business

If you’re an entrepreneur or feeling entrepreneurial you’ll find a relatively business-friendly climate to complement the opportunities. There are also numerous investor and entrepreneur visa programs that can help you obtain lawful status here in the states while you launch or operate your business.

The Consulate

The Italian Consulate in Boston is located at 600 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02210. You can reach the Consulate by phone at (617) 722 9201.

Don’t forget that Italian citizens residing abroad for a period of more than 12 months must register with AIRE (The Registry of Italians Residing Abroad). You can do that through the Consulate, or by clicking here.

Additional Resources

I AM Books is a bookstore specializing in Italian and Italian American literature, history, research, art, and cultural events.  There’s something for everyone.

Processing Times

It doesn’t matter what kind of visa you’re seeking here in Boston: You can expect wait times of 7 to 24 months.

Fortunately, if you work with my office you won’t have to worry about extra delays. Working with my immigration law practices means that you choose the right visa program for your situation right away. It also means you can have peace of mind about submitting your application, as you’ll know it will be accurate the first time, and will contain the right forms of evidence. This will prevent delays and requests for evidence.

If you’re ready to make Boston your home, I’m excited to help you. You can contact my office to schedule a consultation today.