Immigrating to Massachusetts from the United Kingdom

Since Colonial times, British immigrants come to Boston for the opportunities. This city is strong in STEM education and employment. It’s home to some of the finest universities in the world. It also offers a lively array of shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities.

Most British expats find themselves right at home here.

Pursuing an Education

British students can choose two pathways to take advantage of the fine colleges and universities here in Boston. Traditional student visas are available, but many of our colleges and universities offer student exchange J-1 visa programs as well. These official programs are for short-term study rather than long-term, but can allow you to make valuable professional and personal connections while you are here.

If you prefer a more traditional student experience you will need an F visa or an M visa instead. F visas are for college and university students while M visas are for students who will be attending trade school.

Finding Employment

You’ll have very little trouble finding a job here in Boston, especially if you are a skilled worker. The job growth rate is well over America’s national average. You’ll be especially advantaged in your search if you’re willing and able to work on-site.

Our major industries are health care, finance, insurance, and higher education. We also have a thriving medical district. Boston’s largest employers are Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s, Boston University, Liberty Mutual Holding Company, and Houghton Mifflin.

Starting a Business

Boston is a very friendly place for entrepreneurs! If you plan to start a business you may be able to take advantage either of the E-5 visa or the O-1 visa. There are already many British owned businesses here, including National Grid.

The British Consulate often hosts business networking events, arranges meetings for visiting entrepreneurs, and establishes ties to research groups at local universities. The United Kingdom is the largest European investor in Massachusetts.

The Consulate 

The British Consulate in Boston is located at 1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA. It can be reached at (617) 245-4500.  

The Consulate offers emergency help for British nationals, including help for crime victims, arrestees, or those who have been impacted by a crisis abroad. The consulate also offers help with lost passports and emergency travel documents.

Processing Times in Boston

British nationals don’t see any faster processing times in Boston than they would in any other city. USCIS is notoriously slow everywhere, and 7 to 24 months is common.

You can improve processing times—and your chances of seeing success—by reaching out to my office. I will help you eliminate any issues that could prevent you from pursuing your goals here in the United States. Reach out to set an appointment today!