Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization

Form I-765 allows you to seek and accept employment while waiting for your green card application to be approved. If your green card application is successful, you will receive an Employment Authorization Document, or EAD. An EAD will allow you to work anywhere in the United States without requiring your employer to take additional steps.

Anyone who is eligible for a family-based green card is eligible for a work permit.

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How long does an I-765 Application for Employment Authorization Take?

Plan ahead: it can take 5 to 7 months to receive your EAD, due to USCIS backlogs.  Even applying online doesn’t help. It saves you a trip to the post office, but doesn’t compel USCIS to process your form any faster.

In a family-based immigration case your sponsor is supposed to provide for your basic needs during this time. Even though that may put the squeeze on the family finances, USCIS doesn’t see the need to hurry to approve you for work.  All of that is part of the process, and it requires you to be very patient.

Can you work while your I-765 is processing?

You may not accept or perform any kind of paid work until your I-765 is approved unless you are already in possession of another type of improved work visa.

Once you receive your EAD you may start work, even if your green card application is still processing.

In some rare cases your green card application will get processed before your EAD does. Once you have a green card you have the right to work in the US, in which case you can start your job hunt without worrying about your I-765. You’ll receive an administrative denial in this case, but for all practical purposes the denial will no longer matter.

Want to work in the United States? 

While there shouldn’t be any major eligibility hurdles preventing you from receiving your EAD, a mistake or inaccurate answer on the I-765 could create delays or denials. Mistakes here could even endanger your green card application. It is crucial to have someone check your work, and to ensure that you submit enough evidence for approval. 

It is wise to get help from an experienced immigration attorney before submitting your I-765 form. I can ensure that the form helps advance the rest of your immigration case, allowing you to receive your EAD soon and allowing you to move on to the next phase of life in the US.