Immigrating To Massachusetts from Brazil

As Brazil has repeatedly devalued its currency, Brazilians have increasingly looked abroad for better-paying jobs to help support their families. Many of those who came to greater Boston were from the middle class and had at least a high-school education. That is a major reason many Brazilians have chosen to migrate to Boston, with its many job opportunities, high-quality education, widespread entertainment throughout the city, and a diverse community.

Pursuing an Education

Here in Boston we have over 30 colleges and universities, including Ivies.

You can apply for a student visa, and I can help. Many students go on to find work here in the greater Boston area and become lifelong residents or citizens of the state.

The relatively high standard of living of Boston Brazilians is supported by their educational attainment. Only 13 percent of Brazilians lack a high school education. This level of education is lower than non-Latinos, it is higher than other Latino groups.

Finding Employment

You will have very little trouble finding employment in Massachusetts, especially if you are a proficient worker.

Brazilians when migrating to Massachusetts settled in cities and towns in eastern Massachusetts, especially in Boston, Framingham, Everett, and Somerville. Boston is now home to 5 percent of Massachusetts’ Brazilian population.

Brazilians have higher rates of home ownership than other Latino groups. A larger share of employed Brazilians are self-employed for example, House Cleaning services, owner of restaurants, and other small businesses. According to Boston Plans more than 44 percent of employed Brazilians work in service occupations. Other leading occupational categories for Brazilians are managerial, professional, and healthcare practitioners and blue collar occupations. Blue collar occupations include construction, transportation, production, installation, and maintenance occupations.

If you have the resources to start a business right away, then there are several classes of visa that might be available to you. Two of them offer a path to a green card, and eventual citizenship. You can let me know if you have plans to start a business and we’ll see if one of those visas is right for you.

The Consulate

The Brazilian Consulate is located at 175 Purchase St, Boston, MA 02110. It can be reached at +1 (617) 816-6315

The Consulate offers emergency help for Brazilians nationals, such as renewing or creating Brazilian passports, VISA applications, Authentication documents, Birth Certificates, Death registration and/ or transfer of human remains to Brazil and many other services that could help you.

Other Resources

There are many cultural and religious organizations in Boston that are devoted to helping Brazilian immigrants sustain their culture. There are also organizations devoted to helping Brazilian immigrants settle in, such as the Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers, New England Community Center, Brazilian Worker Center, and Brazilian Women’s Group These non profit organizations were founded to help immigrants and refugees learn English, navigate the public school system, and find jobs.

USCIS Processing Times

The local USCIS office takes 7 to 21 months to process most visa applications. It makes sure your visa application is done right the first time, that you’ve accounted for any issues that could create problems on your application, and that you’ve submitted enough evidence to make USCIS content.

I can help you with all of this, ensuring that your move to Massachusetts will be a successful one. My office is located in Jamaica Plain. Contact me to get help immigrating to Massachusetts today.