Help with Form I-485: Adjustment of Status

Are you ready to apply for your green card? If your immigrant petition (like a Form I-130 or I-140) has already been processed and approved then you may be ready to move on to the next step, which is to apply for lawful permanent residency status.  The I-485 is the form you will use to apply for permanent residency.

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What is required for adjustment of status?

The main requirements are that you were either inspected and admitted into the United States, or admitted and paroled into the United States.

Inspection is the process of determining whether you may lawfully enter into the United States. This means you’ve presented yourself at a port of entry and an immigration officer has determined whether you’re admissible.

Admission means that you were allowed to enter the United States. 

Parole means that the admission officer let you enter the United States without determining whether you were admissible. Parole is usually only granted for urgent humanitarian or significant public benefit reasons. 

What are the steps in the I-485 process?

First you must file the form and supporting evidence. You might also choose to file Form I-765 at the same time, which is your Application for Employment Authorization.

About three to five weeks after filing, you should receive an appointment notice that assigns your biometrics appointment date, time, and location. You’ll be fingerprinted and USCIS will conduct a background check.

Finally, you will be interviewed by a USCIS officer who will establish whether you are eligible to adjust your status. USCIS will also determine whether there is any fraud or admissibility issue. You are permitted to attend this meeting with your immigration lawyer, and bringing a lawyer along can make the entire interview process go much more smoothly. (As your immigration lawyer, I can prepare you for the USCIS interview.)

How long does adjustment of status take? 

Expect the adjustment of status process to take anywhere from 8 to 24 months. Family-based applications tend to take less time than other applications do.

I-485 List of Supporting Documents 

You may still need to provide other evidence, but you should make sure that your I-485 application includes all of the documentation listed by USCIS on their Checklist of Required Initial Evidence for Form I-485.

You can use the checklist as a starting point, but following it is no guarantee of success. Certain applications may require even more evidence, depending on your unique circumstances.

Help With Your I-485

I have represented many clients who first tried to handle their I-485 on their own. The result often is a request for evidence that result in delays, serious paperwork errors, or denials that lead to expensive immigration litigation. 

When you work with me, Boston immigration attorney Giselle M. Rodriguez, you’ll have the confidence that comes from knowing your I-485 has been filed correctly the first time. I can help you anticipate issues and reduce delays, giving you your best chance at approval.