Urgent Immigration Legal Counsel: Help from an Immigration Attorney within 24 Hours

Time is more than money.  Especially with the hard deadlines of the USCIS, there’s an ocean-sized difference between “just in time” and a day late.  It can be the difference between passing and failing an immigration interview.  It can give you enough time to complete an application that’s accepted after you had only one chance to get it right.  It can mean you reunite with your family and live in the US – or it can mean your removal or separation and a life in a country you may not want to be in.

The US immigration system has many flaws.  You probably expected your immigration journey to be stressful, but you didn’t expect it to be this kind of race against the clock.  Yet that’s the situation you’re in now: For whatever reason(s), you may have as little as 1-2 days to figure out this problem for your immigration status.  That problem can be just about any part of the immigration process, including a USCIS form you don’t understand, an application you made a mistake on, providing proof of a relationship, preparing for an immigration interview last-minute, or just talking to an immigration attorney right away.

If you need to speak with or meet with a Boston immigration attorney today or tomorrow – like for last-minute help on paperwork or to prepare for an interview – I can probably help you.

I’m in a better position than most attorneys to provide urgent legal counsel.  That’s for a variety of reasons, including that I live here in the middle of Boston, usually work on the weekends, am bilingual (English and Spanish), and actually like being an immigration attorney and helping clients when they need help most.  I’m not the fair-weather attorney who only helps when it’s easy.

Getting my help on very short notice will cost extra, of course.  A rush service is always more expensive, whether you’re buying a plane ticket, shipping a package, or going to the ER.  I have a full schedule and many clients, so creating availability last-minute can be tough.  That is one reason I’ll require payment up-front, so that I can drop what I’m doing to help today or tomorrow.  It will not be cheap, but it may be much less costly than your alternatives.

I can’t offer guarantees as to what the USCIS will do.  I can only guarantee the best immigration counsel possible, including fast communication, fast but thorough work, clear answers, and the best chances that you’ll get the outcome you’re looking for.  By the way, please note that I am NOT handling asylum or deportation-defense cases at the moment.

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll want to read my reviews and case results.  It will take only a few minutes, but will give you a good sense of what to expect of me.

If you live in or near Boston and need to speak or meet with an immigration attorney within a few days or even today or tomorrow, the next step is simple: contact me, Boston immigration attorney Giselle M. Rodriguez.  When you do, be sure to mention my “urgent service” by name, so I know right away that you’ve got a tight deadline. I’ll let you know very plainly and quickly whether I can help, how soon I can help, and what the next steps are.